Graphic Design Training Programs in New Jersey

Graphic designers have a good eye for color, aesthetics, and balance

Parsippany, NJ: Branford Hall Career Institute is proud to be part of the Parsippany community, and wants to shine the spotlight on our Graphic Design and Animation program. This program—offered at our campuses in Parsippany, Jersey City, and North Brunswick—is one that draws students from a variety of backgrounds and interests.

What are the qualities of a good graphic designer and animator? How do you know if you are suited for this career field? Check out some of the great qualities of our students in our Parsippany program. We know they will make it far!

1. Creative and artistic. This is probably the first quality that you think of when you think about graphic design. Designers have to be able to imagine something where nothing currently exists. They must understand how colors, designs, and fonts work together to create designs that are pleasing to the eye and effective for their audiences.

2. Deadline-oriented. Many projects will be on quick deadlines, and graphic designers need to be able to keep projects on track so that the client gets what they need when they need it. This may mean working on many different projects at the same time. Staying organized is important to meeting deadlines.

3. Computer savvy. Nearly all graphic design and animation is done on computers, and designers need to be proficient on the major design software programs, particularly the Adobe Suite. They need to understand programs for desktop publishing, illustration, web design, animation, and more. See 5 Programs that Every Graphic Designer Should Know for more information.

4. Marketing skills. Most designs are created to sell a product or service, and designers need to be aware of their audience. An ad for a nursing home, for example, would have a much different design than an ad for an extreme mud run. Good designers learn to know their audiences and create designs that match.

5. Thick-skinned. It is far easier to criticize a design than to create one, and as a graphic designer, you may find that many people are quick to criticize your work without fully understanding it. Do your best not take it personally! In the end, you want something that will please your client, so this means you will often have to make modifications. You can still stand up for your opinions in a polite way, and discuss the reasons why you believe certain design elements are needed. But it is best to learn to take criticism well, and work together as a team to arrive at something that works for everyone.

6. Customer service and communications skills. You might not think of customer services skills for graphic designers, but keep in mind that they need to be able to work with their clients and art directors. Designers cannot work in a world all their own. They need to be able to work with clients politely and professionally in order to deliver a product that the client likes.

If you think you might have these important qualities, you might want to pursue as career as a Graphic Designer and Animator. Northern New Jersey residents near Parsippany, Jersey City, and New Brunswick are encouraged to contact Branford Hall to learn more about this program.