Having Trouble in School? Get Help Now!

It’s never too late to get back on track

Are you struggling in school? Are your grades getting worse and worse as the semester goes on? If so, you may be feeling like it’s a lost cause, and you may be tempted to give up.

At the Branford Hall Career Institute, we are here to say: Never give up! It is never too late to turn your grades around and get your GPA back up where it needs to be. For students who are falling behind, try these strategies to turn your schooling in the right direction:

Step #1: Talk to your teachers/instructors
If your grades are going downhill, there are two people who are well aware of it: you and your teacher. Before you get discouraged, remember this: your teachers want you to succeed. They do not want to give you bad grades. They want to help you! Make an appointment with your teacher, and explain that you ready to work hard to improve your grades. Most teachers will help you create a plan to get back on track. They may connect you with a tutor, give you new study tips, review your homework with you, or offer other support to get you up to speed.

Step #2: Look at studying in a different way
When classes are over, your job is only halfway done. The other half is doing your homework and studying for exams. This can be hard to fit into your day if you have other responsibilities like a part-time job or children to care for. But in order to do well in school, you must find time to study. Treat your studying like a job. Block out special time to study each day, and make sure your friends and family know not to bother you during that time. To prepare for your next test, be sure to follow these tips.

Step #3: Attend every single class
It may not seem like a big deal to miss one class, but it does make a difference. If you get behind just one day, it can be hard to catch up, and eventually, you might start to tune out. If you absolutely have to miss a class, make sure you get the notes from a reliable classmate and ask the teacher what you missed.

Step #4: Be an active participant in class
When it comes to class participation, you have two choices. You can either zone out or tune in. Tuning in is the right way to go. Tuning in means that you listen to the instructor, ask questions you when you don’t understand, volunteer answers when you know them, and take meaningful notes to help you remember the information.

Step #5: Learn from your mistakes
School is not about being perfect. It’s about learning, and one important lesson is that we all make mistakes. Believe it or not, mistakes are a critical part of learning. Mistakes are a great way to figure out what you don’t know, so that you can put extra effort into learning it for the next time. Take a close look at your homework and your tests. Look at the questions you got wrong, figure out why you were wrong, and make sure you master that topic so that you understand it for the future.

We hope these suggestions help to turn your school year around and get you on the path to success. Doing well in school requires hard work and effort, but as you get closer to your diploma, you will see that it’s worth it!


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