How Long Does It Take to Become a Massage Therapist?

Short-term training programs can get you started in this career field

Massage therapy can be a compelling career choice for people who like to work with their hands, especially those who are committed to the idea of health and wellness. If you are considering massage therapy schools, take a few moments to learn more about this field. Here are some of the benefits of this career choice.

You can complete massage therapy training in about one year.

Imagine starting a whole new career field just one year from now. That could be a reality for you if you choose to pursue a massage therapy training program. Most programs take a little less than one year to complete. Then, depending on the state where you want to work, you may need to take additional exams to get licensed.

You don’t need a college degree.

Not everyone is cut out for a four-year college degree. The great news is that most massage therapy jobs do not require a college degree at all. You can learn the knowledge and skills you need in a career-focused training program without needing to undergo the time and expense of a four-year college.

You can do work that is meaningful to you.

For many people, massage and bodyworks are a way of life. They find that massage therapy contributes to relaxation, centeredness, health, and wellness. If you are passionate about the power of massage therapy, you may find that a career in this field is emotionally rewarding. Knowing that you are helping others to relieve tension or pain can be a gratifying feeling.

You can explore a variety of options

Massage therapists can work in a number of different sectors, making this a dynamic profession. Massage therapists work not only in spas, but also in hospitals, nursing homes, sports clinic, and vacation resorts. After building up a reliable set of clients, some massage therapists branch out on their own to start their own massage therapy business.

If you are dedicated to health and wellness, you may find that this type of career suits your interests and ambitions. For more information on this career choice, take a moment to read Benefits of Getting Massage Therapy training or What Does a Massage Therapist Do.

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