How to Become a Medical Assistant

how to become a medical assistant

Medical assisting certainly represents an in-demand career choice with engaging work and good remuneration. As with any career in healthcare, medical assisting is in great demand; however, since medical assistants help increase the reach of physicians, they’re a particularly important part of the healthcare team in any hospital, office, surgery center or clinic.

What does it take to become a medical assistant?

Medical Assistants Need Compassion

Medical assistants deal with all manner of patients their entire shift. The must inherently feel compassion towards their emotional, physical, financial and economic difficulties and instinctively desire to meet their needs. Compassion isn’t readily taught, but should be naturally part of how a medical assistant thinks and responds.

Medical Assistants Need Communication Skills

Whether talking with patients, their families or other healthcare providers in-house and elsewhere, medical assistants should clearly communicate. While we can certainly help cultivate these skills through our coursework, medical assisting students should be willing to further develop their communication abilities.

Medical Assistants Should Multi-Task Readily

In some specialties more than others, medical assistants should be capable of responding to a fast-paced, complex workplace. In any given day, a medical assistant may see many patients, assist numerous care providers and engage in a large variety of tasks, including administrative, clerical, direct care-related and indirect care-related.

Medical Assistants Should Understand Customer Service

Customer service is more than providing great patient care. It’s about the patient experience: ensuring that they feel comfortable, welcomed and encouraged in the improvement of their health. Medical assistants should also offer customer service to the patients’ families and each person on the administrative staff and medical team. Their objective every day should be to do their part in ensuring their healthcare organization is the best it can be.

Medical Assistants Should Have Good Math and Science Aptitude

A general ability to perform math tasks and understanding of science topics can only help a medical assistant student succeed. While there aren’t specific prerequisites, aptitude in these areas promote success in medical assisting students. Many of the tasks they encounter include measuring, adding/subtracting, anatomy, physiology and more.

Medical Assistants Must Have Basic Education

To enter a medical assisting program, a potential student must have a high school diploma or general education diploma.

Medical Assistants Must Complete Coursework

Schools such as Branford Hall prepare students with the highest level of integrity and thoroughness. Our instructors deeply desire our students’ success both in the classroom and in life. We want to ensure that all graduates feels completely confident in their ability to provide excellent care to patients and excellent support to the other members of the medical team.

Medical Assistants Must Pass the Exam

Upon successful completion of their studies, graduates of medical assisting courses are encouraged to overcome one more hurdle: passing the certification examination. At Branford Hall, we know that our medical assisting graduates have been taught the skills required to successfully pass the examination. We believe that it is an obvious testament to the quality of the education we provide medical assisting students.