How to De-Crazy Your Mornings

Getting out the door can feel like running a marathon—it doesn’t have to be that way!

Are you chronically late to school? Do you find yourself rushing every morning? Do you forget things and have to go back home to get them? Mornings don’t have to be this crazy! Try these simple tips for making your mornings less rushed and more enjoyable.

1. Set the alarm 15 minutes earlier.
A little trick like waking up 15 minutes earlier can really be the difference between a crazy morning and a sane one. You will be amazed at how much you can get done in that extra 15 minutes.

2. Set out your clothes the night before.
Digging around in your closets and drawers in the morning can take up valuable time. Take a few minutes the night before to set out what clothes you want to wear, including the shoes and coat you will wear.

3. Pack your bag/backpack the night before.
This tip is especially for students. If you leave your homework, textbooks, and notebooks lying around in different parts of your home, you will surely get into a panic in the morning when you are trying to find everything you need. Instead, pack up your backpack the night before. Think through what classes you have and what materials you will need.

4. Pack your lunch the night before.
If you are someone who brings your lunch to work or school with you, then it’s a good idea to prepare it ahead of time. This way your kitchen counter won’t be cluttered with both breakfast and lunch items in the morning. Packing your lunch can also be healthier and less expensive than buying it, so it’s worth the effort!

5. Agree on a schedule with family members.
If you live in a large household with one bathroom, mornings can turn into rush hour. Talk with your family members and determine who gets the bathroom when. If you have an organized schedule, this can help eliminate conflicts and delays.

6. If you have kids, get them organized!
As an adult, you may have your morning routine down to a science. But if you add kids to the mix, mornings can get away from you. Make sure your kids prepare everything the night before—homework, parent signatures, backpacks, lunches, snacks. The less they have to do in the morning, the better!

7. Look at your to-do list and calendar
Once you are up and ready to go, look at your to-do list or your weekly calendar. This helps you to map out what your day will look like and ensure that you are prepared. You can go about your day in a calmer manner if you know what to expect.

8. Eat a healthy breakfast
If you’ve already gotten things ready the night before, you should have enough time to eat a quick and healthy breakfast before school or work. This will start your day off with the nutrition and energy you need to make it through the morning.

We hope these tips help to make your mornings less hectic. Remember, there’s no need to start off every day in a mad rush. A relaxed morning can be a great start to a productive and enjoyable day!


This tips are provided by the Branford Hall Career Institute. We provide career focused programs for adult students in areas such as medical assisting, massage therapy, HVAC/R, culinary arts, and personal fitness training. Find out more about us today.