How to Demonstrate Dependability to Prospective and Current Employers

When people are searching for a job, one crucial career strength they might possess, but forget to emphasize, is dependability.

When it comes to jobs, dependability is the ying to accountability’s yang.

People who are dependable are the ones bosses and coworkers can count on. Dependable people make commitments, deliver on time, and follow-up on what’s been done.

The importance of personal dependability can easily be overlooked by otherwise highly qualified job applicants, as they instead focus on highlighting their specific job knowledge.

However, many managers will tell you that an employee’s qualifications don’t mean much if they can’t count on the person.

How to Show What You’re Made Of

What can a job seeker do to lay the groundwork that will convince an employer that he or she is highly dependable?

  • Come prepared with at least one or two examples of when and how you proved your dependability was critical to success.
  • Describe how your dependability would be an asset in the position you’re applying for. (Of course, be sure to do your legwork ahead of time to get clear on the expectations of the position.)
  • Ask your references to stress your dependability during reference checks. Remind them of situations when you came through. Ask them to mention specifics.
  • Weave information into your resume that reflects your dependability, both professionally and personally. Don’t forget about outside activities or volunteer work.

Ready to Lead – and to Deliver

Then, be sure to continue to demonstrate dependability once you land a job.

You can to that by:

  • Showing up on time and ready to hit the ground running
  • Demonstrating the ability to work independently, but asking questions when needed
  • Be generous with helping coworkers
  • Always paying close attention to details
  • Leading the way in productivity

Dependable employees are reliable, consistent and quickly become a vital cog in the company, which can translate to job security. As this article from the Houston Chronicle states, dependable employees are often less vulnerable to layoffs.

There’s one added bonus as well. Dependable employees can end each day with a sense of pride, knowing that they contributed their part to their team’s success, and that they’re paving the way for their own future job success.