How to Enjoy Spring Fever While Maintaining a Focus on Classes

Some tips for benefitting from the best of both worlds  

After a grueling winter complete with record snowfalls in certain regions, it would seem that spring has finally arrived. This is literally a breath of fresh air, especially for Branford students who have braved the frigid bus stops and snow-covered roads on their way to classes, day after day.

Still, the majority of Branford Hall students are familiar with the negative impact spring weather can have on disciplined study habits. The good news is there are several ways to work hard while still enjoying the warmer temperatures. Here are a few ideas that apply to career training students across the board.

Do some studying outside

It’s not always easy to be working in a computer lab or a massage therapy studio while you can see – or even hear – other students enjoying themselves outside. One solution might be to form a study group that agrees to meet outside once or twice a week.

This way everyone can motivate each other while maintaining a more relaxed atmosphere. If all the students are enrolled in the same program, a study group like this might even help to improve the average test paper or course grade.

Create a system of rewards

One of the keys to being successful in any career training program is finding ways to motivate yourself, while keeping stress at bay. A lot of people accomplish this by creating a system of rewards; a method of saying, “If I can accomplish X, then I will reward myself by doing Y.”

This method becomes particularly helpful during the warm-weather months. Students can block out a couple of hours every afternoon for personal study, then reward themselves by heading out to exercise or meeting up with friends … but only after that day’s workload is complete.

Not all rewards need to be short-term. Some of the most satisfying rewards are those students can achieve over time (e.g., a student treats herself to a full day at the spa after achieving an ‘A’ in her course.) The key is to choose a reward that will outweigh your inclination to put daily studying aside. The more motivated you are, the less likely you’ll be to let the weather dictate results.

Focus on what’s at stake

If you’ve enrolled in any one of Branford Hall’s career training programs, chances are you’re serious about gaining an eventual foothold in the field. Regardless of the profession, there are going to be days when you’d much rather call out sick or cancel your appointments. But you won’t get far that way, which is why it may be helpful to occasionally remind yourself what you’ve enrolled at Branford for.

Career training starts in the classroom, but it continues based on your commitment to any profession or field. You’ll enjoy the warm weather a lot more knowing you’ve fulfilled all of your academic commitments, and that you’ve earned the ample downtime in between.