How to Make the Most of Your Branford Hall Experience

Tips for maximizing every program

Branford Hall is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year. While the focus has remained on education and training, the school has also grown to a dozen campuses across four east coast states.

There are a lot of components that go into making the most of any Branford Hall experience. Below we’ve listed three that resonate regardless of the program, providing an outline for how to maximize available resources before and after you enroll.

1. Research finance options

The first hurdle to starting any career training program is often working out the finances. Fortunately, every campus has its own Financial Aid Department. Potential students can schedule an appointment to discuss what type of options might be available.

Some full-and part-time students qualify for the Federal Direct Loan Program, which is overseen by the Department of Education. Others may qualify for tax credits, educational benefits, or perhaps even an installment plan. It’s important to meet with a financial aid representative before you enroll so you can be aware of what your options are.

2. Know your program

Some training programs sound alike, but are in fact very different. At Branford’s North Brunswick (NJ) campus, for example, one can enroll to study in the  surgical technology program or professional medical assistant program, two programs that do not have a great deal in common.

Branford’s Admissions Department can help you determine which program might be a good fit. Campus pros can walk you through each program by way of its courses, and they may even suggest a tour so you can get a sense of what each classroom looks like.

In the end, your Branford experience will revolve around whatever program you choose. It’s best to make an informed decision, so you can feel confident the very moment you enroll.

3. Visit Career Services

Every Branford campus includes its own Career Services Department to help students make a more effective transition from the classroom to a career. Career Services can help you develop your resume, design a cover letter, or even help you prepare for a job interview.

As graduation approaches, Career Services may even be able to help you embark on an externship or make new contacts in the field. Whatever the case, Branford is happy to support hard-working students before and after they’ve enrolled.

Do you think Branford Hall might be an ideal fit? Schedule a tour or request more information.