How to Stop Being Late

7 tips for a calmer morning routine

Are you in a rush every morning? Do you count “running late” as a regular form of exercise? Are you starting to be known as someone who never shows up on time? Being chronically late for school or for work can affect your performance and your reputation. If you are ready for a change, try these tips for starting each day out in a calm, organized, and on-time fashion.

1. Wake up 15 minutes earlier than usual

If you are always in a morning rush, maybe your solution is as simple as setting the alarm 15 minutes earlier. Fifteen minutes is not a lot of sleep to lose, and you might be surprised at how much less rushed you feel with that extra 15 minutes.

2. Prep the night before

If you are not a morning person, then perhaps you can be more productive at night. Each evening, think about what you are going to need the next day, and do some advance preparation. Getting organized can make a big difference!

  • Set out your clothes
  • Pack your lunch
  • Decide which coat and shoes you are wearing
  • Organize your backpack or work bag
  • Make sure you know where your keys, wallet, and cell phone are
  • If you have kids, make sure they get their backpacks and lunches ready too
  • Check the weather forecast (this helps you to choose your clothes, find an umbrella, find your ice scraper, or whatever you need for inclement weather)

3. Check your clocks

Sometimes a clock in one of your rooms might be set slower than others, and as a result, you think you have more time than you really do. Take a moment to walk around your home and make sure all the clocks are set to the right time.

4. Ban the distractions

Do you have the TV on while you’re eating breakfast? Do you scroll through social media first thing in the morning? Sometimes the electronic devices in our lives can be so distracting that we lose track of time. If this happens to you, then make a rule that you can’t turn on any device until you are 100% ready for the day.

5. Set a schedule with members of your household

If you live with young children, roommates, a spouse, or other family members, it can be complicated to get everyone out the door on time. Make sure you have a schedule for showers, so you don’t get delayed by waiting for the bathroom.

6. Start with a healthy breakfast

A lot of people skip breakfast when they are running late. If at all possible, make time for breakfast so that you have the energy you need to get through the day. Find some fast and healthy breakfast options so that you can fit breakfast into every morning.

7. Use a traffic navigation app

Do you get stuck in traffic frequently on your way to work? Try out a traffic navigation app. It should help you find the best route to work on any given day. Or, if you take public transportation, see if you can sign up for alerts that will let you know about any delays to expect.

With these 7 tips, we hope you are on your way to greater punctuality! And in the process, we hope you find that you enjoy your calmer mornings. And who knows, you might even come to look forward to that alarm clock ringing!


This blog post was produced by Branford Hall Career Institute. We offer career-focused training for adults in the fields of medical assisting, medical billing and coding, massage therapy, and more.