Is the Role of a Surgical Technologist Right for You?

Learn more about an operating room technician—or “scrub”—as an important member of a surgical team  

If you’re interested in helping others in a fast-paced environment, then a surgical technologist career could be the right career option for you. You may be well-suited to this exciting work if you want to be part of a team that works directly in the operating room. A surgical technologist’s role is to assist physicians and other team members during surgical procedures.

Surgical technicians work in hospitals and other healthcare facilities that have operating rooms, such as surgical centers or outpatient procedure centers. Among the tasks they handle routinely are helping to:

  • Prepare operating rooms
  • Ready patients for surgery
  • Sterilize equipment
  • “Scrub in” the surgical team
  • Assist in maintaining a sterile field throughout the operation
  • Provide clean instruments to hand to doctors during procedures.

There are a number of benefits to this fast-paced professional path:

New challenges every day

This is a job where you definitely won’t get bored. Every day presents new situations for you to apply your skills. There are always new patients to work with. Every surgery is unique, so there will be different outcomes to prepare for. At any time there may be an emergency, or the surgeon may ask you for a special instrument. The doctors and nurses you work with are also likely to change. These factors can keep things interesting!

Using Your Hands

A hands-on job in an operating room can be exciting. Although you have routine responsibilities, you get to observe surgeons and nurses working during each procedure. Helping to explain procedures to patients can also be interesting and satisfying work. All of these activities are likely to keep you active, alert, and engaged, even during some surgeries that are very long.

Chances to advance your training

There may be options in this career for you to do additional, specialized training. You might want to seek additional training to become a cranial or cardiac surgical technician. In addition, as a surgical tech, your skills are portable. Hospitals and surgical centers throughout the country have surgical technicians on staff.

What to look for in Surgical Tech training

You can complete most training programs in less than one year. It is smart to search for a training program at a school that:

  • is accredited
  • has a Career Services Department
  • has a high job placement rate for its graduates
  • involves you in real-world experience through an externship before you graduate.

Branford Hall Career Institute offers a Surgical Technology program at our North Brunswick, NJ location. Reach out to us to find out more about our offerings and whether we can help you meet your goals for a new career in healthcare!