It’s Medical Assistant Awareness Week

Branford Hall appreciates our medical assisting students!

Did you know that this week is Medical Assistant Awareness Week? There are many positions within the field of healthcare that aren’t as well-known as doctors and nurses. One of them is medical assisting. But medical assistants—like so many other allied health positions—are still extremely important to making healthcare industry run smoothly. Find out more about this important role.

What do medical assistants do?

Medical assistants play a supportive function within doctors’ offices and hospitals. Their duties include tasks such as:

  • Getting patients ready for exams
  • Measuring and recording vital signs
  • Drawing blood for testing
  • Administering injections
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Providing medical billing and coding services
  • Entering information into electronic health records (EHR).

What makes medical assistants so important?

Medical assistants are important because they keep doctors’ offices and hospital departments running more smoothly. By handling the administrative and basic patient care needs, they allow the doctors to focus more heavily on the higher-level patient care that doctors are trained to provide. This way, the doctor can see more patients throughout the day.

Appreciating medical assistants

At Branford Hall, we are proud of our medical assisting students. They are making the most of the opportunity to start out in a new career in the respected field of healthcare. Here’s why we think our students are so awesome

  • They are caring individuals—Being part of a helping profession like medical assisting requires you to be caring, compassionate person. Compassion is just one of the many great traits of medical assistants.
  • They’re eager to learn new concepts—Most of our students don’t have any background in medicine when they begin, and they consistently amaze us (and themselves!) when they start picking up the new medical concepts and terminology during our classes.
  • They aren’t afraid of blood (at least not anymore)—For most of our students, the first time learning to draw blood can make them nervous. But by the end of our hands-on training, they are ready to roll!
  • They don’t mind injecting apples and oranges—When you first learn how to do an injection, you get to practice on models, and sometimes we even inject fruit for practice!
  • They know how to read an EKG strip—If you’ve ever had an EKG, you might agree that the printouts just look like a bunch of wiggly lines. But if you’re a medical assistant student here at Branford Hall, you will understand these mysterious strips and will know how to recognize an irregular rhythm.
  • They look sharp in scrubs—Our students wear scrubs every day, in preparation for their new careers, and they always look terrific!

What you can do

Next time you’re at the doctor’s office and a medical assistant checks you in, make sure to be friendly and appreciative. They’ve worked hard to get there and have your best health in mind!

For more information on the Medical Assistant training program at Branford Hall Career Institute, contact us online. We hope your new career path begins here!