Light It Up Blue for Autism Awareness Month

Autism affects 1 in 68 children in the U.S.—it’s time to get aware

April is Autism Awareness Month, and the Autism Speaks organization is asking everyone to “Light It Up Blue” this month. Like pink for breast cancer awareness, blue is the color that the autism awareness community has selected to raise awareness, understanding, and acceptance.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 1 in 68 children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). While it is about 4.5 times more common in boys, it can affect both boys and girls.

Here are some things you can do to help raise awareness.

Find an autism walk-a-thon near you
The Autism Speaks website allows you to enter your zip code and find out what walks are scheduled in your area. Walk-a-thons help to raise both money and awareness for autism-related causes.

Understand the signs
If you don’t understand the signs and behaviors that are common in people with autism, you may unknowingly act insensitively to someone with autism or their caregiver. Take the Light It Up Blue quiz to help you understand more appropriate ways of interacting with people with autism.

Share your story
If you have autism or know someone with autism, be sure to share your story. People need to have a better understanding of the many different faces of autism and how to better accept people with autism.

Donate to research
Scientists and researchers are working hard to discover the causes of autism and possible treatments or interventions that may help people with autism. Every dollar counts. Give what you can!

Share a blue selfie
This is the month to share a blue selfie! The Autism Speaks website has all sorts of awareness resources that you can use on social media, as well as t-shirts and merchandise that can help you spread the word about autism awareness.

We hope these suggestions will help you get involved in the awareness campaign about autism. Spreading awareness is an important step toward building a world where people with disabilities find acceptance and understanding.


This blog post is a free resource from the Branford Hall Career Institute. We support our students and our community in raising awareness of autism and other disabilities.