Looking for Professional Fitness Trainer Programs in CT?

What it takes to embark upon an exhilarating career in personal fitness

If you’re passionate about health and wellness, and you like the idea of helping others get in shape, Branford Hall’s professional fitness trainer program might be an ideal fit for you.

One of the advantages of enrolling in Branford’s program (offered at the Windsor and Southington, CT campuses) is that doing so allows students to learn in both a classroom setting and a fitness center environment. Classes are designed to provide a strong marketing background, while also teaching students how to train personal clients in a weight room or gym.

Before enrolling, however, it might be best to learn a little about what professional fitness trainers do on a regular basis.

A day in the life

A lot of personal trainers start their day off with a regimen of their own, maintaining the type of physique that’s become one of the hallmarks of the trade. After that, trainers might outline or review a program for each client they’re scheduled to meet with that day and confirm the rest of the day’s appointments.

From there, the daily schedule is mostly comprised of meeting with clients in one-to-two-hour sessions. Depending on the trainer’s role, he or she may be meeting with one client at a time, or several. Some trainers even teach or moderate organized classes at community centers, gyms, rehabilitation clinics, or resorts.

In addition to helping clients meet their fitness goals, trainers are tasked with creating and monitoring a program that puts each client in a position to succeed. That means helping clients eat right, maintain a healthy sleep schedule, avoid detrimental habits, and reward themselves whenever they achieve a personal benchmark.

Eye on the prize

Fitness training is a great way to keep yourself focused and in shape, while helping others realize the same level of fulfillment. In the end, whether you’re the teacher or a student, the goal remains one of treating your body the same way you’d like it to treat you.

In addition to the regular schedule of courses at Branford, aspiring fitness trainers can also take advantage of the Career Services Department to locate available externships.

Do you think a career in personal training might be a fit for you?  Request more information about Branford’s professional fitness training program.