Massage Therapy Students Take Part in Heart Health Month Event

Medical center invites students to practice what they’ve learned

You may recall that students at Branford’s Jersey City campus recently benefitted from several upgrades to the main classroom building, a refurbished graphic design department, and strong new leadership. In the two months since then, Branford, Jersey City has enjoyed even more progress, with students from a handful of programs taking part in several local campus-affiliated events.

One such event was a free session focusing on massage therapy, which took place at Jersey City Medical Center on February 19th. The event was held in observance of National Heart Health Month, an awareness campaign conducted by the American Heart Association. On that afternoon, half-a-dozen volunteers from Branford, Jersey City’s massage therapy training program conducted 40 free, five-minute massages. They also spent significant time explaining the benefits of massage therapy to members of the hospital staff.

Better to give than to receive

Among the Branford students who volunteered to give massages that afternoon were Leeway Howard, Patricia Johnson, Antonia Lee and Edna Rivera, along with Branford massage therapy instructor, Meta McDonald. The event offered a rare opportunity for them to showcase their skills in a real medical environment, interacting with people who stood to benefit from their practice.

Among the comments massage recipients shared regarding their experience over the course of the afternoon:

  • “My headache is gone.”
  • “I feel so much better.”
  • “I fell asleep.”
  • “Do I have to leave?”
  • “Is it over already?”

Throughout the event, massage therapy students were able to hone their skills while seeing how their career choice can potentially benefit others.

Months of hard work paying off

The students who took part in Jersey City’s recent Heart Health Month event have been studying at Branford Hall for months. Throughout the course of their training, they’ve learned a variety of techniques, including acupressure, deep tissue massage, various aspects of reflexology and Swedish massage, as well.

More importantly, these students needed to learn how to put clients at ease, especially when dealing with special cases, such as pregnant women, injured athletes, or the elderly. In a lot of scenarios, it’s up to a massage therapist to provide direction regarding certain stretches and other techniques clients can use after the massage to help strengthen or relax core muscles.

The good news is that all the students who took part in Jersey City’s Heart Health Month event got to see first-hand the benefits of the service they are providing, while gaining some early confidence and insight regarding their skills.

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