Professional Fitness Trainers: Here are 4 Ways Technology Can Help You Work Smarter

Apps and software that can help you build your business

If you’re in a program to become a professional fitness trainer, you’re probably aware that some job options in this field require an entrepreneurial spirit.

Tracking clients, handling billing, and staying on top of appointments are only a few of the tasks that personal fitness trainers need to handle. Luckily, there are a slew of software programs and apps that can help trainers manage their daily business needs while also growing their practices.

Here are four affordable technology offerings that students in Branford’s professional fitness training program may want to check out. NOTE: We are not endorsing any of these programs, but rather are presenting them as a starting point for your own research. We selected free or low-cost program that were positively reviewed by professional fitness trainers working in the field.

1.  DIY website builder

If you’re going into business for yourself, a website is an effective tool to attract new clients and communicate with existing ones.

Trainerize is an all-in-one package that allow fitness trainers to build their websites, deliver workouts to clients online, and communicate with clients over chat or Skype via a smartphone app.

Clients can log their workouts so trainers can keep track of their progress, as well as offer encouragement, advice and reminders.

2.  Ready-made exercise demos

PTDistinction is software that integrates into your website to allow better client communication and management. (While that may sound hi-tech, the PTDinstinction site boasts that the program takes three minutes to set up and doesn’t require technical knowledge.)

This tool provides assessment tests, as well as videos of different exercises shot from multiple angles so it’s easier to work with clients remotely.

A client management dashboard allows trainers to view and edit client programs, track results, provide nutrition plans and view progress photos and food diaries. Trainers can also email clients directly from the dashboard.

A related app allows trainers and clients to access the program on the go.

3.  Tools to build your business online

Booker allows personal trainers to manage virtual class enrollments and memberships, with online credit card processing functionality to streamline the payment process. A related app facilitates communication between trainers and customers.

Customer loyalty options allows trainers to diversify their income streams.

Because this program is based in the “cloud,” data is less vulnerable to crashes and can be accessed from multiple devices.

4.  Get your appointments in check

Timely is another cloud-based program. It keeps trainers connected with their customers through automatic confirmations, reminders, and various marketing tools.

Administration tools provide visibility into business financials, trends, and performance to help facilitate long-term strategic planning.

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