Culinary Arts Courses

Read about some of our Culinary Arts courses so you can discover how our training will get you started on the path to your new culinary career.

Sample Culinary Arts Courses

Healthy Cooking

The responsibility of a professional chef is to choose, whenever possible, healthy food alternatives while still creating appealing and delicious dishes. This course incorporates techniques and recipes found in some of the world’s finest spa resorts. There is discussion of the role diet plays in disease and techniques for selecting and using natural foods and ingredients. There is emphasis on vegetarian and macrobiotic dishes.

Poultry, Seafood, and Game

Upon completion of this class, students will understand the structure and composition of poultry. They will also be able to identify various kinds and classes of poultry. The poultry inspection and grading practices will be reviewed. Students are taught about the composition and structure of fish and shellfish. Students are also taught to properly identify various fish as well as proper storage and handling procedures. A variety of cooking techniques for poultry seafood and shellfish will be applied.

Restaurant Management

This course introduces students to the dynamics of leadership. Topics include the planning process, effective communication, employee development, various stages of team growth and how to manage daily operations. Employee work schedules and labor costs will be discussed. The need for effective meeting management, compensation programs and employee retention and termination will also be discussed. This course is a National Restaurant Association ManageFirst certification class.


This course provides an overview of the principles of baking. Students are taught the composition of a variety of flours, the development of gluten, and the aging and bleaching process of flour. Sugars, sweeteners, thickeners, leaveners, gelatin and their uses in the bakeshop will be discussed. Students will prepare a variety of baked goods including, yeast breads, quick breads, muffins, pies, pastries and cookies and cakes.

Knife Skills & Kitchen Equipment

The student will develop, practice, and refine knife skills. The student will also learn to identify and use a variety of common kitchen tools and equipment. Students will learn how to properly care for and maintain knives.

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