Culinary Arts Program

Do you love to cook and bake? Can you picture yourself in a career as a chef? If so, Branford Hall’s Culinary Arts program may be the program for you.

Culinary Arts Program

If you’re considering culinary arts schools, the Culinary Arts program at Branford Hall will prepare you with skills you need to begin this exciting and versatile career. Before you know it, you may become a sous chef, prep cook, pastry chef, or head chef. With so many different types of cuisine, and such a wide variety of restaurants and food service businesses, the possibilities for a career in the culinary arts are wide-ranging.

Our training program is very hands-on, and it includes areas such as knife skills, spa cuisines, beverages and alcohol safety, bakeshop and desserts, international cuisines, preparation of meats, preparation of soups and sauces, and business operations.

Thanks to the recent focus on cooking as an art form, the work of a chef has become more respected than ever. Chefs have become TV celebrities. Cookbooks have become bestsellers. While the work of a chef is never easy, a career in the culinary arts can be very artistic, rewarding, and exciting.

A Day in the Life for Culinary Arts

As a cook or chef, you will be handling and preparing foods in a kitchen environment. On a typical day, you can expect to:

  • Check ingredients for freshness
  • Measure and mix ingredients
  • Cut, chop, dice, slice, and prepare ingredients to be cooked
  • Prepare seasonings
  • Fry, roast, bake, grill, boil, steam, or broil meats, vegetables, and other foods
  • Operate equipment, such as broilers, grills, slicers, grinders, and blenders
  • Arrange, garnish, and serve food
  • Clean utensils, equipment, work surfaces, and dishes
  • Organize food supplies

Train Close to Home

The Culinary Arts program is available at the following campus:

For more information about this, or any other program offerings, contact the campus nearest you. Our knowledgeable staff can help you on your career path.

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