Graphic Design and Animation Courses

Read about some of our Graphic Design and Animation courses so you can discover how our training will get you started on the path to your new career.

Sample Graphic Design and Animation Courses

Design Basics

This course focuses on fundamental principles of drawing including conceptualization, visualization, and sketching skills. It also addresses visual color solutions including light and effects in design, as well as graphic layout techniques using the Adobe Creative Suite for creation of basic design presentations.

Web Development

This course is designed to teach students best practices and practical applications in working with online databases and server side scripting languages.

Digital Imaging

This course includes an introduction to the usage of digital cameras as well as photographic lighting and composition techniques. This course focuses on digital image concepts, color theory, and standards of print media. It facilitates quality print graphic projects utilizing the Adobe Creative Suite. Students are also introduced to digital image editing concepts for the creation of graphic presentations.

Video/Audio Production

This course will teach storyboard skills as well as introduce students to the process involved in creating and editing digital video and audio content. Students will be challenged to solve the types of problems faced by content designers in industry. Students are expected to work with digital audio and video files as well as write copy and design storyboards. During the course students will learn how to use the video/audio production features provided by the Adobe Creative Suite.

Visual Communications

This course will introduce students to web design fundamentals utilizing the Adobe Creative Suite. The basic principles of web development and authoring environments will be explored. Special emphasis is placed on creating and deploying effective web sites.

Digital Print

This course includes and introduces advanced page layout techniques and design methodologies. In this course, through practical application, students are expected to work with the Adobe Creative Suite to create and produce content for print and digital media.

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