Massage Therapy Courses

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Sample Massage Therapy Courses

The Science of Touch

This course will discuss therapeutic massage by exploring professional touch as a therapeutic tool, the history of massage and review of scientific research into the effects of massage therapy including indications, contraindications, universal precautions, health-related issues, and wellness education. Appropriate body mechanics for the massage therapist to prevent self-injury, preparation for massage, equipment, supplies, professional environment as well as positioning and draping will also be discussed. Furthermore, students will be expected to be able to perform basic massage applications.

The Art of Massage Therapy

This course provides a solid foundation on basic Swedish massage therapy skills, indications/contraindications, body mechanics, and full body massage essentials. Techniques discussed include gliding, kneading, direct pressure, direct friction, joint mobilization, superficial warming techniques, percussion, compression, vibration, jostling, shaking and rocking. Indications, precautions, contraindications, and benefits are also discussed. This course also teaches asepsis, hygiene, proper body mechanics, and client draping and positioning techniques.

Anatomy & Physiology Systems

A study of the structure and function of the integumentary system, cell structure and function, tissues and membranes, endocrine system, lymphatic system, respiratory system, digestive system, urinary system, circulatory systems, metabolism, and the reproductive systems. Topics include functions of the cell, body membranes, skin, endocrine glands and hormones, lymphatic vessels and body defenses, respiratory organs and ducts, digestive organs and digestive tract, urinary organs and ducts and reproductive organs. Furthermore, students will be taught basic system related to medical terminology.

Ethics for the Massage Therapist

This course acquaints massage therapy students with State and National law and ethics guidelines, OSHA requirements, ethical practices, and basic personal psychology concepts. Student be introduced to HIPPA regulations as it pertains to the massage therapy profession. Students will also be introduced to the concepts of self-assessment and self-esteem in an effort to assist them in understanding the process involved with making the changes necessary in their lives to facilitate success in their chosen career.

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