Paralegal Courses

Read about some of our Paralegal courses so you can discover how our training will get you started on the path to your new legal career.

Sample Paralegal Courses

Office Administration

This course prepares students to meet the challenges of the changing workplace and to solve typical problems that arise in the business office. Problem solving, decisionmaking, and handling conflict will enhance the student’s ability to handle multiple tasks and manage difficult situations in the workplace. This course will emphasize the importance of communication and interpersonal skills.

Family Law & Procedures

This course introduces students to the laws related to family relations in Connecticut, including legal requirements surrounding the dissolution of marriage.

Commercial Law

This course acquaints students with the laws of contracts as well as the Uniform Commercial Code.

Applied Business Writing

This course provides students with additional punctuation skills and the opportunity to plan, draft, revise and edit a variety of business documents. The students will write numerous business memorandums and letters.

Business Organizations

With this course, students are expected to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the forms of business entities and become acquainted with corporate partnership and limited liability company formation in Connecticut.

Legal Writing

This course will provide the students with the legal writing skills required for employment in a law office environment.

Word Processing I for Windows®

Students are introduced to word processing concepts, vocabulary, and how to operate the keyboard and its function keys. The Microsoft Word® software will be used to teach students the hands-on-functions and features of word processing. Business documents will be stressed. Extensive keyboarding practice will also be used to develop speed and accuracy to the highest possible level.

Criminal Law

This course provides students with an introduction and understanding of criminal laws and procedures.

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