Paralegal Program

Are you interested in joining the exciting legal world? You can, with paralegal training from Branford Hall Career Institute. Paralegals support the day-to-day activities in law offices and other legal environments including private law firms, corporations, and the government.  If you’re considering paralegal schools, learn more about out program at Branford Hall.

Paralegal Program

In many cases, paralegals are expected to perform some of the legal work that is often performed by attorneys, and therefore, the paralegal program at Branford Hall will prepare you with a strong foundation in legal concepts.

The Paralegal program includes comprehensive instruction in areas such as civil litigation, trust and probate, real estate law, commercial law and business organization law, as well as computer technologies. You will also learn how to conduct legal research, legal analysis, and legal writing.

The Paralegal program at Branford Hall features online courses as well as on-campus courses. The online courses offer you the convenience of learning from home, while the on-campus courses give you the opportunity to meet face-to-face with instructors and classmates. Together, the courses are designed to provide a comprehensive education that can position you for successful entry into the legal field.

A Day in the Life of a Paralegal

As a paralegal, you may be working for a busy law firm, a private company, or perhaps a government agency. During a typical day, you can expect to:

  • Help lawyers prepare for closings
  • Investigate the facts presented in cases
  • Prepare written reports for future legal cases
  • Assist in legal research
  • Prepare correspondence and legal papers
  • Help attorneys during trials
  • Draft documents, such as contracts or mortgages
  • Organize and track case files
  • Coordinate the law office activities
  • Maintain financial records

Train Close to Home

The Paralegal program is available at the following campus:

For more information about this, or any other program offerings, contact the campus nearest you. Our knowledgeable staff can help you on your career path.

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