Professional Fitness Trainer Courses

Read about some of our professional fitness trainer courses so you can discover how our training will get you started on the path to your new career.

Sample Professional Fitness Trainer Courses

Exercise Psychology

Students in this course are introduced to the basic principles of the role of psychology in sport and exercise. Students will discuss the relationship between personality and behavior in sport and exercise. Students will also be taught how to use leadership and motivational techniques to interact with clients. This course lays the foundation for students to effectively promote personal training as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Diet and Nutrition

Students in this course will explore basics of nutrition and diet analysis as it applies to everyday life. The students will examine their own nutritional concerns to understand how to support their clients on making wise food choices. Students examine nutrients, recommended dietary allowance, dietary guidelines, vegetarians and exercise, proteins, fats, fluids, hydration needs and vitamins. The course will also examine energy balance, weight control, nutrition fads, supplements and disease as they related to nutrition and fitness.

Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology is a course that will provide students with vital and necessary information related to fundamental physiological processes. The class places a strong emphasis on the changes that occur to the body’s physiological processes because of exercise involvement. Students will discuss areas such as body movement, energy and energy systems for movement and cardiovascular and respiratory functions in-depth during the academic term in order for students to obtain a firm grasp of how exercise affects the body’s vital and basic functions. With the information in this course, students will be able to accurately relay physiological adaptation information to their clients during exercise consultation and exercise training sessions.

Lifestyle Fitness Coaching

Students in this course are taught the importance of goal setting in sport and exercise as well as in individual lifestyle. Students will also explore how confidence and self-esteem provide an impact for personal and professional growth and how to assess and build strategies for an individual’s self-efficacy. Students will discuss and practice techniques to acquire the skill for lifestyle fitness coaching and use these skills to enhance health and well-being into the lives of people of all ages.

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