Surgical Technology Courses

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Sample Surgical Technology Courses


Anesthesia, pharmacology (the study of drugs), wound healing, dressing application, energy sources in surgery and physics/robotics will be studied during this course. The student will be expected to practice setting up for specific surgical procedures and the application of surgical bandages in the simulated operating room lab setting.

Specialty Surgery

OB/GYN, gastrointestinal, neurological and ophthalmic surgeries are studied as well as surgical procedures practiced in the surgical lab. Students are taught how to engage in teamwork with other students as required in the operating room.

General Surgery

During this course, students will be taught the anatomy and physiology of the digestive, urinary and reproductive systems, as well as general surgery. Students will be expected to practice setting up for surgical procedures specific to the body systems being studied.

Life & Death in the OR

Respiratory and integumentary (skin) systems and thoracic surgery are taught. Life and death in the operating room will be discussed as well as specific needs of pediatric and trauma patients. During this course, students will practice specific procedures in the simulated operating room lab.

Infection Control

Students will be taught the organization of the body and the infection process. They will have an introduction to microbiology, cells, tissue and membranes. In addition, they are expected to work in the surgical lab learning and practicing the basic set-ups of surgical procedures.

Special Senses

Special senses (vision, hearing, etc.) the nervous, lymphatic, endocrine systems, oral maxillofacial, plastic and reconstructive surgeries are studied during this course. Students will work in the simulated operating room lab learning set-ups for specific surgical cases related to the body systems being studied.

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