Springfield Health and Springfield Tech Campuses Show Their Holiday Spirit

Students and staff participate in the giving season

Springfield, Mass. – In recognition of this season of giving, the students and staff at the Springfield Tech and Springfield Health campuses of Branford Hall are participating in a number of community giving projects. This year’s activities have included food drives and clothing drives to benefit people who are in need in the Springfield community.

At the Springfield Tech campus, students and staff recently participated in the Mayflower Marathon, an annual food drive in Springfield that benefits the Open Pantry. The goal of this community-wide event was to contribute three trailers full of food donations. Branford Hall students woke up early on the day of the event and staffed the receiving area from 4am to 8am. They offered coffee and breakfast to people who came to donate food. Is there anything more dedicated than showing up at 4am to volunteer? Hats off to all the volunteers who made it so early!

Students at the Springfield Health campus are also getting involved with their community during the December holidays. They have organized a glove and mitten drive to help children who are in need. Families who are living on limited incomes may not have the funds to purchase new gloves and mittens for their children each winter, as the children outgrow last year’s clothes, so these donations will certainly be put to good use!

In addition to these giving activities, both campus also bring the students together for fun social events, such as door decoration contests, or an ugly sweater day, or even an international food day where students can bring in food that represents their cultural background.

Holiday activities are happening throughout the Branford Hall campuses, and we are proud of all of our students and staff for their generosity during the season of giving. With 12 campuses located across Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, our students are making a difference!

Branford Hall would like to wish a happy holidays to all its students and staff!