Students and Staff Give the Inside Scoop on Branford’s North Brunswick Campus

Positive outcomes result from a good attitude and working closely with staff

“Our goal is to make your career goals come true.” So says Branford, North Brunswick Campus President Cyndie Shadow. Shadow is a veteran of the higher-education system, and she’s been at North Brunswick since 2013. But Shadow has a stipulation to her statement: “The students have to want it.”

That is, Brandford Hall can provide the tools students need to get an education and embark on a career search, but it’s the students’ drive and determination that ultimately determine their outcomes.

However, according to current students and staff, drive and determination in North Brunswick is not in short supply.

Investing in the future

Campus services at North Brunswick are set up to help incoming – or potential – students successfully navigate the process of enrolling in and completing a program of study. Available services cover everything from financial aid to curriculum guidance to career readiness.

“The instructors here are excellent,” says Donna Owens, one of Branford’s medical coding students. “They teach in a way that makes you feel like they’re invested in your future.”

When the hard work pays off

“In this job, it’s all about those moments when you’ve been working with a student who enrolled and you get to watch him or her succeed,” North Brunswick Career Services Director Asha Harduwar explains.

And it seems that Harduwar has had plenty of those moments. She’s able to easily recall numerous stories of students who recently graduated from North Brunswick and have since gone on to promising careers – including one particularly driven student who landed a job at Google. (Harduwar declines to take any credit for the Google position, though. “He made that happen all by himself!” she insists.)

Part of career services’ role, according to Harduwar, is to help students land externships. Harduwar is constantly campaigning on her students’ behalf and is always on the lookout for new opportunities to connect students with companies. “If it’s for the students, I’ll do it,” she says. “I’d do anything for our students.”

Branford’s North Brunswick campus offers a variety of programs, including graphic design and animation, computer networking and security, surgical technology, medical billing and coding, and medical assisting.

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