Teacher Appreciation Week is Here

15 Ways to Show Your Teacher You Care

Teacher appreciation week is here, and it’s time to give back to the teachers who go the extra mile for you every day. Think about the kinds of things that teachers do for their students, and you will know why they deserve our gratitude.

Not only do teachers give students their all during class time, but they also put in a tremendous amount of work outside of the classroom. They prepare lessons ahead of time, organize teaching materials, keep the classroom orderly, grade papers and exams, enter grades into the school system, take professional development courses, and respond to individual student concerns. And most amazingly, they seem to have an endless supply of the kind of energy that it takes to keep a classroom lively and engaged every day of the week.

This May, try some of these ideas to show appreciation for your teachers.

  1. Write an email or handwritten card describing three key things that you appreciate about your teacher’s teaching.
  2. Give a gift-in-a-jar, such as a chocolate chip cookie mix.
  3. Get the whole class to sign a card.
  4. Give your teacher a high ranking on a rate-my-teacher website.
  5. Coordinate contributions to a potluck lunch or bagel breakfast for the teachers at your school.
  6. Try some of the fun teacher crafts on Pinterest.
  7. Talk with other classmates about contributing money toward a gift card.
  8. Make a poster large enough for the whole class to write their appreciations.
  9. Take a selfie with your teacher and post it on social media with #teacherappreciation (if he or she agrees).
  10. Bring in a small bouquet of flowers.
  11. Visit a teacher that you had in a previous year to say hello.
  12. Donate a school supply to the classroom, like new pencils or white board markers.
  13. Coordinate a video with your classmates, with each student saying something kind to your teacher.
  14. If your teacher has a public Facebook account, post a compliment on the wall.
  15. Show that you are interested in your teacher’s life. Ask a question like “What is your favorite part about being a teacher,” or “What career might you have chosen if you weren’t a teacher?”

With this list, you should have a lot of great ways to show your teachers that you are grateful for the work they do. Remember, teachers work hard to make your educational experience a good one. What better way to appreciate them than by honoring them during Teacher Appreciation Week!