Teachers at our Branford Campus Host Holiday Brunch for Students

Located just outside New Haven, our school wants our students to feel at home

Branford, CT  – When teachers dish something out, it is usually homework or exams. Much to the students’ delight, this was not the case last week. Instead, teachers at our Branford campus invited the students to share in a special cooked brunch! Teachers got up bright and early, grabbed their aprons and spatulas, and headed to the grill. When all was said and done, about 100 students got to enjoy fresh cooked pancakes, sausages, as well as fresh fruit and juices. Not a bad way to start off the day.

The special breakfast represented the kickoff to the holiday season at Branford Hall. Most of the year we are so focused on getting to our classes on time, doing our homework, and learning our job skills, that we forget to take a moment to think of others or to get to know our fellow students. The holidays represent a wonderful opportunity to do this.

Every year, the campus holds special holiday events, from group potluck meals to food drives, coat drives, dress down days, holiday giving trees, and other events designed to get people in the giving spirit. These occasions are also a perfect way to socialize with others in your program, or to meet students who are enrolled in other programs in the school.

6 options for job training in Branford

Did you know that our Branford campus offers six different career tracks? Located just 15 minutes from New Haven, Connecticut, our campus is training students with hands-on, marketable skills so that they are ready for the workforce.

If you are already a student here, don’t forget to spread the word to your friends and family members who may be interested in pursuing a career training program. Our Branford campus offers these programs:

  • Medical Assistant – Learn all about taking a patient’s vital signs, administering EKGs, and handling medical records in our Medical Assistant training program.
  • Health Claims Specialist – For people who want to work in a medical office setting, this program teaches the in’s and out’s of processing health insurance claims.
  • Paralegal – Get comfortable with today’s office technologies and what is expected of paralegals and administrative assistants in the workplace.
  • Massage Therapy – Students in this program learn how to administer a range of massages, from Swedish massage to hot stone therapy to deep tissue massage.
  • Professional Fitness Trainer – Helping others get physically fit can be rewarding. Find out how in our Professional Fitness Training program.
  • Computer Networking Management – If you enjoy being “techie,” learn about computer networking management here at Branford.

Most of the programs take about one year to complete. If you know someone who is interested, please contact us so that we can give you more information. At our Branford campus, we look forward to welcoming new students, and are so proud of our current students in all six of our programs. Keep up the great work!