The HVAC Program: A Hidden Jewel on Branford Hall’s Bohemia Campus

Students learn their trade in a unique, interactive setting

The main classroom building of Branford Hall’s Bohemia campus is filled with students in the medical assistant program,  dozens of them wandering the hallways in bright-colored scrubs. Along the second floor, there are computer labs – tech-savvy environments where students receiving  medical billing and coding training are constantly learning how to input data and bill by way of online applications.

But just beyond the campus medical building – approximately 100 meters to the south – resides a one-story annex; a living workspace fitted with hanging ducts and functional workbenches; electrical tools and intricate hardware. This is where you can find Branford Bohemia’s HVAC/R program, a career-training complex which was designed to feature all of the real-world components any instructor might need to simulate a residential or commercial ventilation environment.

Promoting a hands-on approach

HVAC/R is a career training program that requires Branford Hall students to get their hands dirty. There are lectures, sure, but the students who attend them are required to wear thick jumpsuits “just in case.”

It is not uncommon to see a group of students huddled around an instructor, taking notes as he walks them through a process. This explains why Bohemia’s HVAC annex is designed to look and feel like a workshop. Much like arithmetic, the correct answer only matters assuming an HVAC technician is capable of demonstrating how it was done.

Hooked into the region

In conjunction with preparing HVAC/R students to graduate, Branford Hall Bohemia’s Career Services Department is also available to help students secure externships, or perhaps even prepare for their first set of interviews.

Recent graduates of Bohemia’s HVAC/R program have gone on to secure employment with well-known Long Island businesses including (but not limited to): Allied Air Conditioning, Ace Climate Services, Ocean Air and even HomeServe, USA.

Enrolling is the first step. And, fortunately, Branford Hall Bohemia is well-equipped to help students learn. Beyond that, completing the HVAC/R career training program requires a decent amount of ambition and an equal amount of work. At the same time, the program is also a great deal of fun, providing a chance for students to meet new friends along the way.

To learn more about Branford Hall’s HVAC/R program or Branford’s Bohemia campus, schedule a guided tour or request more information.