Ways Students Can Stay Organized

5 Steps to a Simpler, More Organized Day!

Organization can be an on-going process for many people. Busy schedules often make orderliness a hard task to manage. Papers can become scattered and before you know it, you’ve misplaced your notes…or even your keys!

However, organization can be key to a successful educational experience. At Branford Hall, we know it’s hard to stay clean and organized when there are numerous handouts, notes, and other papers you need to remember daily.  In an effort to help our students take more control of their time and studies, we offer six ways students can help reorganize their lives:

1. Create a to-do list

Creating a to-do list will help keep you organized. Before your next school day, sit down and determine what responsibilities need to be completed first and which ones can be scheduled later in the day. Some people like making a small paper list. However, it might be easier to find your list if you save it to your phone or email instead. If you have household chores you need to share with someone, using a spreadsheet in Google documents can help you organize everyone’s routine. Other tools you could use include: Evernote, Any.do, and Wunderlist. A to-do list will help you remember what chores or details you may ordinarily forget.

2. Keep a calendar or planner

A calendar or planner can also serve as a good reminder tool for your long-term responsibilities. A calendar or planner will help remind you of upcoming test dates or project deadlines. Speak with your teachers and refer to your class syllabus to make sure you have enough time to plan ahead. When you learn the date of a test or assignment, then make sure to write it down in your planner or calendar. You can start setting reminders on your phone to begin studying. You can use calendar reminders and alerts on your smart phone or use an online document like Google Calendars. The latter will send a notification to your inbox! Google Calendar and apps like Sunrise can help keep your deadlines and calendars in one place!

3. Finish your chores first

When you plan out your day, make sure to schedule your most important projects with the nearest deadlines at the top of your to-do list. Finishing up the most urgent projects and chores first will help save you time and helps ensure you do a thorough job. You may find that you appreciate leisure time more knowing you don’t have to worry about any lingering chores.

4. Designate specific folders or storage areas

When you use an item, such as a highlighter or scissors, remember to put it back in a designated area where you know you can find it later. For your notes, make sure you organize them in folders or binder slots. You might want to designate specific folders for different classes. Keep only the notes for these specific classes in the correct folders. You may even want to organize your notes by date or lesson. Organizing carefully will help you find notes easier and help you avoid frantic searches for your homework!

5. Put items in the correct location

After you designate specific folders for different classes, make sure you put all your notes and papers in the right location. You will be able to find your notes much faster. This will save you time and help you avoid stress. If you need to study right away or find your homework, keeping everything in the allotted spot will also help make you look more responsible and put together.

Before you start to lose track of your responsibilities, follow these organization tips! You’ll find that you are better prepared to take on the day. Staying organized will also help you feel more calm and collected! We hope these organization tips help you throughout your schooling and work life!


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