Ways to Honor the Administrative Professionals in Your Life

This national day of recognition reminds us what we should do regularly

Whether you work in an office, or are a student, it’s likely you come into contact on a regular basis with at least one administrative professional that keeps the organization running smoothly. Answering phones, maintaining calendars, paying bills, ordering supplies—these are just a few of the dozens of tasks that administrative professionals juggle throughout the average workweek. They keep an eye on things and generally make our lives easier, more organized, and more predictable. And for that, we owe them a debt of gratitude.

Wednesday, April 26 is National Administrative Professionals Day. This is a great opportunity to show these individuals how much we appreciate all that they do. Looking for ideas about how to honor one in your life? Well, the safest thing to do is ask them what they’d like. But here are some suggestions:

  • Bring them flowers. Find out if they have a favorite kind, or a favorite color. (It’s also a good idea to find out if they’re allergic!)
  • Bake them something. Just be sure to rule out any dietary restrictions or allergies.
  • Buy them candy or chocolates—unless they’re diabetic, or say they’re trying to steer clear of sweets.
  • Buy them a fruit basket or an edible arrangement—a healthier choice!
  • Treat them to a gift certificate for a relaxing service they might enjoy. Massages, facials and manicures are often appreciated. Maybe they have a favorite spa or salon.
  • Get them a gift card to a restaurant or coffee shop you know they like.
  • Offer to treat them to lunch, coffee, or a snack. It doesn’t have to be on the 26th—but put it on the calendar, so it’s the holiday that keeps on giving. then be sure to follow up.
  • Throw them a little party. Play music they like. Serve a favorite food of theirs.
  • Pool resources with other people in the office to fund a larger gift you know they’d enjoy. Do they have a device that’s outdated?
  • Make a donation to a charity they support.
  • Give them a card with a thoughtful, handwritten note. Struggling for ideas? Try thanking them for a time they helped you out of a jam.
  • Buy them a book or issue of a magazine devoted to a hobby they’re passionate about. Do they like to cook a certain kind of food? Are they into cycling? Knitting? Stalk their Pinterest page for ideas!
  • Create a “Did you know” sheet with some trivia about their life. Interview them about: Where were they born? What’s the favorite place they’ve traveled? What’s the strangest job they ever had? What’s their favorite movie, favorite song?

One of the great things about preparing any of these gifts is that it requires getting to know the person a little better. Showing some interest in who they are—above and beyond what they do for all of you in the office all day—can really help someone to feel that you value them as a person.

So make sure you honor the administrative professionals at your office or school this year. It’s the right thing to do, and you can have fun in the process!

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