Ways to Keep Your Immune System Strong

Follow these tips and stay well for your healthcare job

When you’re working in the healthcare profession, you come into contact with more than your usual share of germs. Every day might mean another stream of patients coming into your office. The best way to prevent getting sick is to follow some basic rules.

If you want to stay healthy, then consider these tips to maintain a strong immune system:

Make time for sleep

Students might be used to staying up all night studying, but health-wise, this is a bad habit. While some young people can get away with it without getting sick, the older you get, the bigger the toll that sleep deprivation can take. Give your body enough rest, so that your immune system is able to fight off the bacteria that would otherwise make you sick.

Spend time with people you like

Interacting with others is actually good for your physical health. Studies show that meaningful social connections support you in fighting off viruses and colds. Most jobs in healthcare require interaction with others, but make sure you also seek out time with people you enjoy. You might need to find opportunities in your schedule, but it’s worth it.

Get in those workouts

You already know that working out is a good idea to keep you strong and keep your weight down. Here’s an added reason to get to the gym on a regular basis: Activity energizes you, gets oxygen to your cells, and activates nutrients. Those are all good news for your immune system.

Take some extra vitamin D

Vitamin D gives your immune system a much-needed boost. Either take a multivitamin, or look for ways to get foods that are rich in vitamin D into your diet on a regular basis. (Try leafy greens, fish like tuna or salmon, or orange juice and other citrus.) These will provide nutrients to help your immune system fight that nasty, cold-causing bacteria.

In the winter months, keep yourself covered up when you go outside. If your face, neck, and hands are exposed to the lower temperatures, it’s easier for you to catch an infection. Then a little chill could lead to the sinus infection or fever that’s been going around your job or school. So make sure you have a hat, gloves, and a scarf when you leave home in the morning. Think of it as a barrier of defense against sickness. (And you’ll be more comfortable on those frigid days, too.)

It’s only responsible that people who work in healthcare put themselves first. If you have a compromised immune system, or don’t feel well, you can’t give your best to the people you’re meant to be helping in your work. Take these suggestions to heart, and take care of yourself!


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