What Does a Professional Fitness Trainer Do?

Find out the daily responsibilities of a personal fitness trainer

Do you enjoy physical activity helping others feel great about themselves? A career as a personal fitness trainer may be a desirable career path for you. If you’re considering entering a professional fitness training program, you should take time to learn all about the career path before choosing a school.

Branford Hall Career Institute offers you a run-down of the daily responsibilities of a fitness trainer so you can decide if you would find this profession rewarding and exciting.

What Do Personal Fitness Trainers Do Daily?

Each day, personal fitness trainers instruct, lead, and improve the lives of those who need guidance working out. They motivate their clients to stay dedicated to their workout routines for the benefit of their health and wellness. These professionals work with individuals or groups of all ages to offer instruction on strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and stretching.

Their daily tasks include:

  • Demonstrate proper ways to perform exercises and routines
  • Direct or explain exercise and techniques
  • Spot clients while they perform exercises
  • Monitor clients’ progress
  • Provide alternative exercises for individuals of various fitness and skill levels
  • Explain safety rules of exercise equipment, sports, and recreational activities
  • Give clients nutrition, weight, and lifestyle resources
  • Offer emergency first aid if needed

Personal trainers design exercise plans for their clients. The exercises are designed for their clients so they can maximize their fitness and health benefits. They will assess a clients’ physical fitness, help them set goals, and plan how they can obtain them.

Sometimes personal fitness instructors specialize in certain exercises. They may plan or choreograph their own classes like aerobics and dance, strength training, lifting weights, or all of them. They choose the music for these classes for participants to follow. Sometimes they use pre-choreographed fitness routines by other fitness instructors, organizations, or fitness companies to teach others.

Work Environment

Personal fitness trainers may work in gyms or the personal homes of clients. These fitness professionals may also work in civic and social organizations, educational environments, government facilities, or healthcare and social assistance areas. You may find them in health clubs, fitness or recreational centers, or yoga and Pilates studios.

In larger gym facilities, clients and members purchase their private training sessions. In smaller facilities, personal trainers often complete a variety of tasks among their fitness duties. They may manage the front desk, sign up new members, offer tours of the fitness center, and supervise weight training or cardiovascular routines. Fitness instructors may also promote the gym on social media, through newsletters, blogs, or flyers and other marketing promotions.

Apply to a Training Program

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