What to Wear for a Job Interview: Do’s and Don’ts for Men

Making a good impression can start you out on the right foot

Got a job interview coming up? A job interview is your opportunity to convince the employer that you are the best person for the job. Choosing what to wear is one important step in making a good impression on a potential employer. For men only, follow this list of do’s and don’ts to help you dress for success.


  • Wear a suit and tie
  • Get your suit tailored
  • 2- or 3-button suits are okay; whichever looks better on you
  • Suits should be a dark, solid color
  • Wear a white or blue dress shirt
  • Wear a belt, socks, and shoes that are as dark or darker than your pants
  • Choose a tie with a small conservative pattern
  • Wear dress shoes, like wingtips, loafers, or oxfords
  • Polish your shoes and remove scuffs
  • Ask your friends and family members for advice on how you look
  • Bring a simple, neat-looking portfolio that can hold your resume, questions, and a pen


  • Don’t go wrinkled. Make sure your suit is dry-cleaned and your shirt is ironed
  • Don’t wear jewelry other than a wedding band and watch
  • Don’t go fuzzy. Get a haircut before the interview and don’t forget to shave
  • Don’t wear cologne or strong-smelling aftershave
  • Don’t forget to hold your head high and offer a firm handshake!

The final “don’t!”

Don’t break the bank! Suits can be very expensive, but there are other options. You may be able to find a suit at a consignment shop or thrift store. You may be able to borrow one from a friend. Buying a less expensive suit and having it tailored could be the way to go. How well the suit fits is often more important than the suit itself. If you still cannot afford a suit, you can wear dress pants and a dress shirt.

With these tips, we hope you are ready to dress the part. For information on dressing for an interview for women, try 3 Tips for How to Dress for an Interview for Women.


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