What Traits Make a Good Medical Billing and Coding Specialist?

Do you have the skills and personality that would be valuable to a career in health claims?

Choosing a fulfilling career is exciting, but it can also be daunting. There are so many potential career fields out there, and you want to make sure you get started on a path that fits your personality traits, interests, and skills—as well as offers decent employment prospects. In a job that matches your motivations, it’s likely you’ll put in the time and effort to learn the skills the job requires.

If you’re interested in healthcare, but want to work in an office environment, read on to discover the habits and traits that make for a successful career as a medical billing and coding specialist. This position helps medical practitioners get reimbursed for the services they offer, by submitting claim forms to insurance companies, along with the appropriate codes.

Here are just some of the traits you’ll need to be successful in this important job:

Do you like learning new things?
Every year, the coding manuals that these billing professionals use are updated. To stay current, you’ll need to learn new or reorganized codes as they come out, so that you can use them correctly. There may be new guidelines for procedures and new code sets for each provider. It’s a constantly changing environment that demands someone who is willing keep their skills sharp.

Are you a diligent worker?
Do you pay attention to the small details? A good medical billing and coding specialist thrives in this detail-oriented job. You’ll be making lots of choices every day, and need to pay attention to the tiniest choices in all of the paperwork you’re responsible for. There’s no room for the most common errors people make if they don’t check their work or re-read each document carefully. Remember: In this job, you’re dealing with patient’s medical health records and claims, so every detail matters.

Are you a clear communicator?
Are you good with people? Do you build relationships easily with co-workers? You’ll be talking with your healthcare provider’s patients as well as doctors and staff members every day, and with health insurance companies regularly, as needed. You’ll have to be able to listen carefully for clarification on medical reports and be able to explain issues clearly.

Can you handle sensitive information with integrity?
Are you trusted by others? You’ll be handling patient’s medical records, and it’s imperative that you can work with sensitive information and maintain confidentiality. Making thoughtful choices in how you conduct yourself is essential to this job.

If you like solving problems and gathering information to piece things together correctly, then you already demonstrate some of the traits of a health claims specialist! Even if you don’t feel like you already possess each of these other strengths, you can learn many of them through experience and commitment. What it takes is the motivation and desire to excel. If this job appeals to you, explore more about whether medical billing and coding is a good fit.


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