Why Medical Coding Specialists & Medical Assistants Are Currently in Demand

Recent trends favor emerging healthcare support specialists  

All of Branford Hall’s career training programs are designed to put hard-working students on a promising career path, but it doesn’t hurt when the job market offers increased opportunity for recent graduates, or even incoming students.

Such is the case in the healthcare field, which accounts for one of the top three highest industry employment rates in the country, according to a new report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While the healthcare field is large and diverse, the new statistics reveal a hiring spike in sectors related to “healthcare-related support.” Collectively, these numbers represent an optimistic turn for any career-minded Branford student preparing for a future in medical coding and billing or as a medical assistant..

A focus on updated coding regulations

One of the biggest shifts affecting the medical coding & billing profession has been the introduction of the Affordable Care Act (AKA “Obamacare”). This act ushered in a great deal of change, particularly regarding how medical professionals bill each patient’s procedure.

Students who are enrolled in a medical coding and billing program right now could have a slight edge over veteran coders who are unfamiliar with these changes. The updates are so sweeping that the World Health Organization recently introduced a new edition of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (i.e., ICD-10) that covers all the new and necessary regulations.

Meanwhile, private practices and medical facilities still need to bill every procedure correctly (Otherwise, there’s a risk that the insurance providers will not pay). The ability to code accordingly renders any billing professional extremely beneficial to his or her employer.

Developing a modern skill set

Based on current data, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates employment in the medical assistant field will increase steadily over the next five years. The driving factor: a rising number of group practices and medical facilities have begun relying on medical assistants to handle both administrative responsibilities and clinical tasks, rendering these professionals even more essential than they have been in the past.

Branford Hall medical assistants are trained to handle both roles, allowing them to enter the field with an eye toward the future. In addition to learning a diverse set of skills (e.g., taking down a patient’s medical history and administering an EKG, etc.), current students are also learning modern office protocol geared toward maintaining electronic healthcare records, as opposed to any traditional filing system.

Branford’s training combined with potential opportunities to complete an externship prior to graduation can help students prepare for what’s ahead in an ever-changing field.

Do you think a career in medical coding and billing or as a medical assistant might be a fit for you? Contact Branford Hall to schedule a tour or request more information.