Words of Wisdom from a Paralegal Trained at Branford Hall

“I Wake Up with a Smile on My Face”

Do you know what gives us inspiration at Branford Hall? Our students! Taria Thompson is a terrific example of the kind of success you can find in the workplace if you put your mind to it.

Who is Taria? Today, Taria is a professional paralegal who is motivated to succeed in her career. But back in 2009, Taria was unhappy about her career, and wanted to make a change, and make it fast. “I was stuck at a dead end job and was unhappy. I knew I was capable of more and I just wasn’t doing it.” She wanted to get job training that could get her on track for a promising career within one year or less. And she found Branford Hall!

Branford Hall fit her career interests and her timeline perfectly. “Time was of the essence,” said Taria. By working hard and staying on track, she was able to graduate from Branford Hall’s paralegal program in 2010 and start in the workforce right away! For over 5 years, she worked at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers, headquartered in New Haven, Connecticut.

And guess what… Taria is not alone! Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers has hired several other paralegals from Branford Hall as well. Branford Hall is delighted to be connected with this law firm, and appreciates the opportunities it has provided to our students.

As a paralegal at this firm, Taria described that her responsibilities included handling correspondence with clients, drafting letters to judges, writing documents for attorneys, and managing files. In her words, it’s a place where paralegals are “always, always busy” and she “loved it!” Loving your work is something that many people hope for, but don’t always find. But Taria has found it as a paralegal. Now that she’s a paralegal, she said, “I wake up with a smile on my face, and I’ve never done that before.”

Paralegal training at Branford Hall

The paralegal program is one of 10 career training programs offered at Branford Hall. Paralegals have a wide range of responsibilities, and can work in a number of law-related organizations, such as private law practices, consumer agencies, government agencies, higher education, and corporations. Depending on their job descriptions, they may handle some of these tasks from day to day:

  • Working with attorneys to prepare for closings
  • Draft reports, contracts, or other agreements
  • Write correspondence to clients, attorneys, or judges
  • Help with legal research
  • Prepare legal papers
  • Manage the organization’s filing system
  • Assist with financial records
  • Organize activities and other initiatives in the office
  • Assist with administrative activities

If these job responsibilities sound interesting to you, you might want to pursue this field. At Branford Hall, we offer this program in three locations in Connecticut: Branford, Southington, and Windsor. Contact us  today, and see what you think!